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It’s all in the Name – Name Change and Stock Symbol Reversed Back to Columbus has been Completed

Kelowna, B.C. – Due to the success over the past few months, a number of actions undertaken by past management have been rectified. For example, past management had changed the British Columbia corporate entity name from Columbus Networks Corporation to Blue Storm Media Inc. The public entity name was changed from Columbus to Legacy West Ventures Incorporation. The resulting name change for the public company resulted in a change of Columbus’ stock symbol from CLMK to LGYW.

The main consequences of the name changes:

  • A transfer of the public company to a mining group in Alberta,
  • Assets of Columbus be transferred to the private company, Blue Storm Media,

This transaction was the root cause of the legal dispute between the shareholders and ex-Chief Executive Officer and President.

The CEO and Board of Directors initiated the name change reversal (from Blue Storm Media to Columbus) in mid-December; effective immediately, the company name is Columbus again. The stock symbol, however has changed to CSNW.

Changing the name back to Columbus is one of the first steps to demonstrate the control and will of the new Board of Directors. The Board and Columbus’ current management can now proceed with attaining access to all company records and resources that have previously been denied.

“Securing the Columbus name is a moral victory for the Board of Directors,” comments Jim Nunes, President/Chairman of the Board. “This is a first, small, but essential, step in our objective of re-building and continuing to develop Columbus. The name change is helping to alleviate any shareholder doubts to the sincerity and dedication the Board has to ensuring Columbus is successful and profitable.” He went on to say, with much relief, “Now it feels like Columbus is the shareholders’ again.”

Nunes is steadfast in communicating with the public and shareholders, stating, “…the public and our shareholders can expect a number of these type of press release on the future.”

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