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New Revenue and Additional Market Shares Lead Columbus to Hit the Road with Education Canada and Education America

Kelowna B.C. – Columbus’ most recent successful growth period is due to the achievement of the Columbus Representatives presentation of Columbus and its services at various education events and conferences throughout Canada and United States.

Participants are attracted to Columbus’ interactive demonstrations of Columbus’ site and services. The participants are able to see live examples of clients’ web pages, search the resume database, review the site’s resources, and “move around” within Columbus’ website. In many cases, Columbus has multiple laptops available so that multiple participants can take part in the interactive demonstration.

Traditionally, Columbus has targeted events where the audience is limited to education employers. In order to ensure Columbus meets and exceeds our business objectives, Marketing has shifted its focus to include conferences and events that include both education employers and educators. In January 2005, Columbus’ Representatives re-joined the “conference circuit”.

Columbus has attended or will be attending the conferences listed below; the volume of activities demonstrates the commitment Columbus has to ensuring its name and services are in the public eye:

  • January 14th - University of Western Ontario Teacher Job Fair
  • January 19th - University of Calgary Education Job Fair
  • January 21st - University of Lethbridge Education Career Expo
  • January 24th - University of Regina Education Job Fair
  • January 26th - University of Saskatchewan Teacher Job Fair
  • February 10th to 13th - University of Prince Edward Island’s – Atlantic Education Expo
  • March 4th – Virginia’s Great Teach-In
  • April 9th – The National Minority Education Career Expo

These conferences provide Columbus the opportunity to meet with over 400 education employers and over 7,500 motivated job seekers. The opportunity to meet both education employers and job seekers will help re-establish the Columbus’ website brands, Education Canada and Education America. Additionally, new revenue opportunities are established with employers who have not used Columbus’ services.

“Over the last few years we have lost our position in some of our markets,” notes Jim Nunes, Columbus’ Chief Executive Officer. “It’s unfortunate the former management reduced Columbus’ rigorous conference schedule; that decision provided an opportunity for competitors to gain market share while Columbus remained stagnant, at best. Columbus has had, and will have again, a strong, visual relationship with our clients. Presence at conferences, seminars, and other events is helping to reinforce existing relationships, as well as develop new ones. Word of mouth, however, continues to be one of our strongest avenues for increased sales and revenue opportunities.”

More events may be added to Columbus’ schedule. Visit Columbus’ website, click on the Product’s tab then the appropriate service to view the events which Columbus will be out promoting and selling our services.

About Columbus Networks

Columbus Networks offers web-based applications to facilitate recruitment in the education sector using technology and the Internet to create extremely cost-effective, timely and easy-to-use recruitment solutions for both employers and employees. For the educational employer seeking to fill employment vacancies in teaching, administration and support staff positions, Columbus Networks offers a more sophisticated e-recruitment tool. Our clients are educational employers who include public schools and districts, private schools and institutions, colleges, universities and community colleges, across the continent and growing worldwide. Columbus Networks is headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. For additional information on Columbus Networks or their services visit or call (250) 869-1612.

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