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Columbus Networks Hires a New Chief Operating Officer

Kelowna, B.C. - Another great stride in ensuring the success of Columbus Networks has been made; Mr. Michael Sproule has accepted the position of Chief Operating Officer.

Mr. Sproule is returning to Columbus after an almost two-year absence. Mr. Sproule brings with him exceptional industry and managerial experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and unparalleled insight into the education and e-recruiting marketplaces. Mr. Sproule has a proven history of success and has demonstrated solid and intuitive business decisions. He has a solid, established reputation and relationship with the education community.

Over the past four months, as a shareholder, he has offered his leadership experience in operations, marketing, and relationship building; consequently, he has reinforced his value-add to Columbus. His inspiration has exhibited his dedication to establishing Columbus' foundation and growth in the industry; his involvement has been proven continuous.

Mr. Sproule is now responsible for leading and managing Columbus' tactical and day-to-day operations. He and CEO, Mr. Jim Nunes, are continuing to develop the strategic business plan to demonstrate solid business development and marketing. Part of the strategy includes expanding the products and services into new markets.

He has already begun to assemble a team to extend the promotion of Columbus' product and services throughout Canada, the United States, and beyond. He and the team will be initiating the development of policies and procedures to support the strategic plan and quality plan to improve the company's overall efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.

"With the Board of Directors' objectives of bringing value to the shareholders and growing Columbus to a position of leader in all of the company's markets, I am looking forward to my new responsibility and challenges," notes Mr. Sproule. "Columbus and all our products and services have been a passion of mine for a long time. It was tough when I left in early 2003, but I am back to make Columbus exceed its potential."

"I am looking forward to my new responsibilities and the opportunity to demonstrate to the Board of Directors and shareholders the vast array of Columbus' potential. In addition to meeting the strategic objectives, which will inevitably increase the monetary value to the shareholders, I plan to propel Columbus to be the leader in all of the company's current markets and additional markets. I am very excited in resuming my relationship with Columbus."

Feel free to contact Mr. Sproule at if you have any operational questions or comments. If you have any stock or investment, related inquiries please direct your inquiries to

About Columbus Networks

Columbus Networks offers web-based applications to facilitate recruitment in the education sector using technology and the Internet to create extremely cost-effective, timely and easy-to-use recruitment solutions for both employers and employees. For the educational employer seeking to fill employment vacancies in teaching, administration and support staff positions, Columbus Networks offers a more sophisticated e-recruitment tool. Our clients are educational employers who include public schools and districts, private schools and institutions, colleges, universities and community colleges, across the continent and growing worldwide. Columbus Networks is headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. For additional information on Columbus Networks or their services visit or call (250) 869-1612.

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