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Columbus Networks Marketing and Sales Relationship with Mindís i Corporation

Kelowna, B.C. Ė Columbus Networks Corporation is proud to announce an alliance with Mindís i Corporation which has developed and sells educational games for ages 8 to adults. Columbus will help market Mindís i Corporationís games through placement of information and order forms on its Education America Network ( and Education Canada Network ( websites. In exchange for promoting their product, Mindís i will provide Columbus with a percentage of income generated from each Mindís i game sold from our websites.

Mindís i Corporation is the producer of a set of new, sensational educational games that are designed to stimulate and energize the brain. There are three Mindís i games that seek to engage and nurture the intellect of children, teens, and adults using words, numbers, pictures, music, movement, and memory. The games were launched in April 2005 and are currently available throughout Canada at the twenty-four Scholar's Choice stores, leading independent toy and bookstores, seven states in the U.S., and in Australia. The games will also be in Toys R Us stores throughout Canada starting in mid October 2005. In what was reminiscent of the Christmas rush, the games sold out in less than two hours at their debut at Forster's Book Garden in Bolton during April.

ďThis relationship meets a number of objectives within Columbusí business plan,Ē notes Michael Sproule, Columbusí Chief Operating Officer. ďThe agreement with Mindís i is the first in many that we are pursuing, where we can provide additional content to our website users and in the meantime generate additional revenue.Ē

Terry Griffiths, President of Mind's i Corporation, is excited about the sales alliance. "Columbus Networks will provide our games with an excellent forum to reach a large target audience of potential retail customers," said Griffiths. "In just over four months we have sold over 3,500 games to retailers across the country, the U.S., and Australia; a pace that even surpassed the initial launch of Trivial Pursuit back in 1981." Griffiths believes that his games, Mindís i (ages 12 to adult), Mindís i Junior (ages 8-14), and Mindís i Junior POWERPACK will promote and enhance accelerated learning, talent development, and cognitive flexibility and potential. "The more you play, the smarter you'll get," says Griffiths. "One of the best things about playing the games is that you don't need to know a lot of factual information or trivia to play." Griffiths believes in the games' ability to increase aptitude and potential, regardless of age. "It was my vision to create a series of games that went beyond trivia," said Griffiths. "Games that were fun to play and at the same time, stimulated and energized the hemispheres of the brain, excited the curiosity, and fast tracked the intellect."

These types of relationships provide a number of benefits to Columbus. These alliances not only diversifies Columbusí revenue-base at minimal cost, they provide new and interesting content for our users, provide new classroom resources for our users, gives additional incentive for repeat visits, increases word-of-mouth promotions, and it also expands the companyís network within the education community opening up new opportunities for additional growth and development.

Visit Columbus Networksí home page ( for updates on other new alliances and partnerships. For more information on this or any other partnership, email Columbus at or call (250) 869-1612.

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Columbus Networks offers web-based applications to facilitate recruitment in the education sector using technology and the Internet to create extremely cost-effective, timely and easy-to-use recruitment solutions for both employers and employees. For the educational employer seeking to fill employment vacancies in teaching, administration and support staff positions, Columbus Networks offers a more sophisticated e-recruitment tool. Our clients are educational employers who include public schools and districts, private schools and institutions, colleges, universities and community colleges, across the continent and growing worldwide. Columbus Networks is headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. For additional information on Columbus Networks or their services visit or call (250) 869-1612.

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